LG Fashion WeekToronto LG Fashion Week fashion week, Fall/Winter Collections 2009 is just around the corner taking place March 16-21st, for the third time in a row at Nathan Philips Square. For some strange reason, it doesn’t seem to excite me the same way it did these past four seasons and I don’t feel that same need to make my way down to see what our designers have to offer for the up coming season.

I’m not a fashion insider, and i’m not going to pretend that I am. But I do love fashion and really like to be immersed in it so other than receiving invites to specific shows from PR agencies who are practicing blogger relations, I am 100% considered a part of the general public. Since i’m not obliged to attend fashion shows during fashion week unlike editors and other industry professionals who are, I think the biggest reason behind my lack of motivation to trek through the crowds and the cold this season, is because of the many other sources available to me (outside of traditional media) to help me stay on the pulse of fashion and it’s trends.

I’ve attended fashion week as a volunteer working the event, a blogger, and a member of the public, all which have been different but great experiences. This season I think i’ll happily enjoy fashion week by vicariously experiencing all the festivities and shows through the coverage by the media and top-notch fashion, beauty and video bloggers to bring me what’s hot and what’s new.

For those who haven’t been and are planning on heading down, enjoy but please bear in mind proper etiquette when attending fashion shows during fashion week . What might this etiquette be you ask? Well, Gail from The Style Box came up with a witty, rather amusing, but very true list of “Ten Fashion Commandments” you may find useful.

MoIt seems as though my cute, furry little friend here is suffering from the “in-active bowel syndrome”.

I know there’s nothing fashion-able about the issue, he’s not involved with the PR industry and I’m sure it’s something you didn’t have to know. But he hasn’t done his business in two days and I’m beginning to get a little concerned. Because of that, I’ve taken him out an average of 10 times a day, making this small part of my daily routine a BIG part as I am constantly thinking to myself “maybe he has to go now!”

First he, for the life of me couldn’t grasp the idea of doing the number two outside, then he wants to go outside all the time, then somewhere in between there he’s developed a phobia for rain and refuses to use the bathroom at all when it’s wet outside, and now he’s decided to with hold all his toxins in his body.

I was talking to my mom today, and she’s convinced I just need to rub his belly. Honestly? Really? I love him and all but seriously? Anyway to make a long story short, when I decided I would share this crap-tacular news with everyone here, I tried to thesaurus the word “constipated” because I thought the word con-sti-pated/con-sti-pa-tion sounded gross.

And behold! Three words caught my eye in the Ad’s by Google bar below the list of synonyms. They were “Dog Constipation Info” …


And after a bunch of clicking around on that website I somehow found this very informative YouTube video:

So for your information, I learnt today that dogs can indeed get constipation and Mo is totally constipated!

Hello Metamucil!!

Coach Dog CollarMo

So I think i’m being a little ridiculous, but just a little…

I really want to buy this Coach dog collar, that is $78, for Mo (please excuse his unflattering, green eyes from the flash of the camera). I think it’s time he gets a new collar, you know spice things up a bit. He wears a plain, boring silver chain and when I was shopping online on the Coach website today, I found this bubble gum pink collar that I thought would totally bring out his personality. 

Ok, so it may have been more of the fact that I thought his beautiful curly gray and white coat would go really well with something pink. And it just so happened to be a Coach dog collar. 

Le sigh – the shopaholic in me is looking for the common sense in me to agree to this absurd purchase.

HELLO Kitty! @ MAC

How much did this image of a semi-naked man, wearing Hello Kitty‘s head, with shiny spandex tights,  just ruin your childhood image of Hello Kitty?

I’m going to assume that’s MAC‘s attempt to make Hello Kitty cute and sexy?

There were tons and tons and TONS of people lining up outside to get into this exclusive shopping event and even more people rammed, beyond capacity i’m sure, inside the store to see and purchase the new line. I’m not even kidding, it was packed like sardines in there. The overcrowdedness was killer to my shopping mood and impossible does not even begin to describe getting in arms reach to see or try the new product.

As many people as I saw buying the Hello Kitty MAC makeup, I think the poor organization and the small amount of space in the store, put a damper to the possible amount of sales. I can’t say I would attend another one of these MAC events because i’d rather shop in less crowded conditions and be able to comfortably see and try the product. Although, the originality of the Hello Kitty man did make for a great photo op and they did keep everyone hydrated in the overly warm conditions with unlimited cocktails.

Check out the pictures of the Hello Kitty frenzy!

alg_jasonwu_2 Who: Jason Wu – a 26 year old fashion designer who recently dressed Michelle Obama for the inauguration ball.

What: The Jason Wu Collection is inspired by the “modern lifestyle dressing with the spirit and detailing of haute couture in a way that is both innovative and romantically reflective.”

When: February 2006 was when Wu debuted his collection. He was also regarded as one of the leading new American Designers at the time.

Where: You can find The Jason Wu Collection stocked at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Jefferey, Louis Boston, Susan and Net-a-Porter.com.

Celeb Clients: Michelle Obama, Leighton Meester, Eva Longoria, Wei Tang, Amber Valetta, Gretchen Mol, Kerry Washington, Oliva Chantecaille

Other interesting information: attended New York’s Parsons School of Design, upon graduation Jason interned for Narciso Rodriguez and is the founder and creator of a line of high-end collectible dolls called Fashion Royalty.

Year of the OX

It’s Chinese tradition to make sure your entire house is clean before you ring in the new year. I’ve cleaned my house but didn’t have enough time to “clean”/bathe my dog in the process…

Needless to say, my mom had a conniption. Because even after moving to and living in Canada for over 30 years she remains ever so true to her cultural roots.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone and welcome the year of the Ox!

The first of its kind in Toronto and Canada I think…

Close to 300 people attended Cupcake Camp TO on Sunday January 25th, 2009, getting together to swap cupcake recipes and enjoy those delicious little treats.

It was a lovely event for a Sunday afternoon and a great way to wrap up the weekend. For $5 admission there was what seemed like an endless supply of all you can eat cupcakes with tons of different flavours.

A whole bunch of friends and I headed down to support our friend Cath, who recently launched her own baking business, Sugar*Baking and entered her Ferrero Rocher, Redbean, and Coconut flavoured cupcakes to the event.

While I was enjoying these amazing treats, I couldn’t help but think of Sameer!

He is Sugar*Baking’s number one fan, a cupcake enthusiast and a dear friend of me and Cath. He was really looking forward to this event but could not attend because of a recent career move to Washington. We missed him!

All in all the cupcakes were delicious and we had tons of fun eyeing and trying everything!

Check out the pictures.