The first of its kind in Toronto and Canada I think…

Close to 300 people attended Cupcake Camp TO on Sunday January 25th, 2009, getting together to swap cupcake recipes and enjoy those delicious little treats.

It was a lovely event for a Sunday afternoon and a great way to wrap up the weekend. For $5 admission there was what seemed like an endless supply of all you can eat cupcakes with tons of different flavours.

A whole bunch of friends and I headed down to support our friend Cath, who recently launched her own baking business, Sugar*Baking and entered her Ferrero Rocher, Redbean, and Coconut flavoured cupcakes to the event.

While I was enjoying these amazing treats, I couldn’t help but think of Sameer!

He is Sugar*Baking’s number one fan, a cupcake enthusiast and a dear friend of me and Cath. He was really looking forward to this event but could not attend because of a recent career move to Washington. We missed him!

All in all the cupcakes were delicious and we had tons of fun eyeing and trying everything!

Check out the pictures.