Stylish fashion tights

Ever since my tights, stockings but no leggings party, I discovered my new found obsession with fashion tights.

They look stylish, keep you warm when bearing your legs in the winter and along with leggings, are the best go to item for those days you can’t bring yourself to wear jeans.

After having such a hard time finding some not so boring ones from stores and malls, I perused the Internet and found a couple specialty online stores selling quite a selection of fashion tights, stockings, etc. 

  • StockinGirl – Stockings, Thigh-Highs, and Fashion Hosiery Boutique (they even have their own blog!)
  • My Tights –  They carry everything you could possibly wear on your legs
  • AlexBlake – Sheers, Tights, and Socks for Women & Men

I’m in a tights frenzy this winter!