Isn't this glamorous? LOL

Isn't this glamorous? LOL

That would be me last weekend.

Yeah I know… lovely isn’t it?

Whoever said we would not be getting much snow this winter was clearly very wrong. Half the tree in that picture is covered with snow.

I have this thing where I absolutely refuse to use a snow blower or lawn mower because i’m convinced it looks horrendous… but there was just WAY too much snow and the driveway was impossible to shovel!

This picture was courtesy of my sister who decided that she would be the innocent bystander while I tirelessly pushed that heavy piece of metal through a gagillion centimeters of snow.

I partied with Freida Pinto from Slumdog Millionaire and didn’t even know it. 

That would be because it was back during the ’08 Toronto International Film Festival and it was a random, happily buzzed guy, who told me she was an actress and I thought he was just joking. 

I only realized this as I was looking through pictures from last nights Golden Globes and noticed the actress in Slumdog Millionaire, which picked up four Golden Globes, looked oddly familiar. 

She was such a sweet girl and definitely tons of fun! 

Oh, and the happily buzzed guy was apparently her publicist =) 

It was good times!

I’ve been on a bit of an Internet hiatus over the holidays… in between jobs i’ve granted myself an extended break and have just been getting back into the swing of things now. I felt the need to get offline for a bit and make face time with friends and family.

I’m back now and it’s already seven days into 2009! I swear the older you get the faster time flies.

I always like to start my new year’s off with new goals and resolutions. This would be my attempt to rid of the old and bad habits from the previous year to be the best that I can be this year. Ofcourse re-iterating them to myself isn’t good enough, I need to solidify my commitment to these goals by writing them somewhere… so here are some of them for this year:

  • Finish writing My Intern Diaries because my experiences are such a worthwhile read.
  • Skim The Star, Globe, National Post, Toronto Sun, and New York Times everyday, even though I don’t have subscriptions to any of them. It was a great habit I picked up interning at Corus and besides, I can’t only read fashion related news. Keeping abreast with world events is also important. HA!
  • Buy a new wardrobe. By wardrobe I mean, yes you’ve guessed it… new clothes, shoes, and purses. It’s my goal every year but somehow the term wardrobe never sufficiently encompasses my superficial wants at it’s entirety.
  • Go on vacation. Preferably somewhere tropical.
  • I’m embarrassed to say this because everyone seems to already know how to use this program, but learn Adobe Photoshop.

I could go on forever but I’ll keep it real and somewhat attainable. Hope everyone has a successful and memorable 2009!

Christmas tree with shoes

Hope everyone is having an amazing holiday season! This was an ornament I noticed on my friend’s Christmas tree, how cute is it??

I’ve been tagged by Koko STiLetTo to list seven personal details about myself… so here goes:

  1. I am currently reading One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell.
  2. I prefer salty foods over sweets. With that being said, I would pick a bag of spicy Doritos over ice-cream, candy or chocolate bars any day!
  3. I  once competed in the Ontario track and field finals, running the 4×100 relay. Our team placed 13th out of 30 teams and it was the most unforgettable experience to this day.
  4. I have two best friends who I absolutely LOVE to death, both who i’ve been friends with for what seems like an eternity. One is a wedding photographer and the other a baker, she makes the prettiest and most delicious c.u.p.c.a.k.e.s =)
  5. My childhood aspiration was to become a criminal defense lawyer.
  6. I will be starting a new PR gig in January for a Canadian cosmetics company.
  7. If I could only use one word to describe myself that would be; exuberant.

I am now tagging the following 7 bloggers to share 7 points about themselves. (And ofcourse if they wish to participate, they are also supposed to tag 7 other bloggers to do the same)

Stylish fashion tights

Ever since my tights, stockings but no leggings party, I discovered my new found obsession with fashion tights.

They look stylish, keep you warm when bearing your legs in the winter and along with leggings, are the best go to item for those days you can’t bring yourself to wear jeans.

After having such a hard time finding some not so boring ones from stores and malls, I perused the Internet and found a couple specialty online stores selling quite a selection of fashion tights, stockings, etc. 

  • StockinGirl – Stockings, Thigh-Highs, and Fashion Hosiery Boutique (they even have their own blog!)
  • My Tights –  They carry everything you could possibly wear on your legs
  • AlexBlake – Sheers, Tights, and Socks for Women & Men

I’m in a tights frenzy this winter!

Robin Kay, President of FDCC (middle)

Robin Kay, President of FDCC (middle)

She Stays.


Yes, even after a, what some would say, rather highly unprofessional “drunken rant” for her opening speech during the most recent Toronto L’oreal Fashion Week, Robin Kay will remain the President of the FDCC.


Oh and it’s LG Fashion Week not L’oreal Fashion Week. That would be because LG is now the official title sponsor as L’oreal has opted not to renew their contract?


Can’t say i’m surprised by this news. It’s not the first time Kay has been ridiculed, negatively put in the spotlight, and managed to survive it. The difference in opinion from the general fashion public is torn both ways. Many believe she should be dismissed as President for her reoccurring inappropriate behavior and misrepresentation of the Canadian fashion industry, yet many also believe she’s still got what it takes.


Having seen her at the past four seasons of fashion week and having been in her presence, I honestly can’t say I think she is the most appropriate person for the job. I don’t think the issue is her ability to fulfill her job requirements but more so the level of professionalism she brings to the job. As the face of the Canadian fashion industry, it was and still is her responsibility to proudly and properly represent it. I can assure you that this is not her first time giving an opening speech at fashion week “tipsy”, but this is by far her worse time. But I do not deny that she must be doing something right to maintain her position as President of the FDCC and growing and developing Toronto Fashion Week to what it is today.


Quoted by the Toronto Star, in a recent interview with Joseph Mimran, chair of the FDCC, and owner of the best cheap chic label, Joe Fresh Style, he delivered a key message about Kay. “Robin clearly regrets what happened and has apologized and has strictly assured the board it will not occur again,” he was also adamant that, “the change of the title sponsor from L’Oreal to LG had nothing to do with Kay’s behaviour at a late-night fashion show [on] Oct. 20 [and] we want to take the focus off the incident.”


Mr. Mimran’s public address to the incident is the first step in the process of restoring the public’s faith in the FDCC, versus the panic stricken apology issued in the Toronto Star by Robin Kay post her “tipsy” speech. She cannot undo her embarrassment to herself and Toronto Fashion Week, but she can, if she hasn’t already, work towards restoring her public image by incorporating an in-house Communications team to advise and help her come up with a new strategy to (as a statement of the obvious), restore the public’s trust in the organization, rebuild broken relationships with the Toronto fashion publics and build new relationships with Toronto and international fashion publics to fulfill it’s mandate in establishing and promoting Canadian fashion.


Perhaps this will mark her turning point, but regardless, I am sure she will put the public’s criticism to rest  for now and present another somewhat successful Toronto fashion week, taking us a little closer to where we hope Canadian fashion will be one day.