My Intern Diaries

Yes, after what seems like forever and ago that I decided to share my internship experiences, I finally sat down and actually started to recollect my thoughts to write Chapter 1, How it all began.

Thankfully I did keep a journal throughout most of my Fashion PR related experiences so it’s just a matter of perusing through them to jog my memory on each. 

Since I started sharing my internship experiences, I’ve received a handful of emails with questions for advice and questions about finding volunteer/internship/job postings. Don’t be shy, feel free to leave your question in the comments section. I will answer it under the comments too so others can benefit from your question!



3 muskerteers

While I was on vacay from writing here… I spent some time with my pupster Mo and his friends Gus and Toonie (from left to right). It was so great to finally enjoy some sun and welcome Spring.  

They were also soaking in the beautiful weather and sunshine at a park bench by the pond.

On the street - Another facet of Paris by The NY Times

A friend of mine forwarded this link to me. I found it quite entertaining! It compares the fashion scene in the United States to that in Paris… Enjoy!

Writer's Block

Dear lovely readers:

I have hit wall. Ha! Similar to the cartoon up top, a mental block. More like blogger’s writer block!

I have repeatedly for the past week tried to write a post but nothing seems to come to mind. I am a firm believer in creating meaningful content and refuse to post something for the sake of posting.

I am feeling uninspired.

Le sigh, what do you do to get over what feels like the BIGGEST writer’s block of  life? Your ideas are very welcome!

So… incase you are wondering where I’ve gone, i’m granting myself a 2 week vacation from writing here and promise to be back re-inspired and posting regularly.

Yours truly,



Where! The Fermenting Cellar, 55 Mill St. East. Building 6, The Distillery District
When! April 21-24, 2009 – 6p.m. to 1a.m. every night
Ticket Info! $20 at select locations, $25 at the door

FAT is a multifaceted annual event which showcases 200 of the most original fashion designers, visual artists, musicians, performers and dancers across the country and beyond. I went to this event last year and it was quite a different yet pretty cool experience. Definitely a great event to check out in Toronto.


This is completely random but purchasing my favourite, most dependable and if not THE BEST hairspray in the world today was almost a traumatic experience.

Having had two bad hair days two really bad hair days in a row, I finally walked into Trade Secret looking to replace my SEBASTIAN Professional Shaper Megahold hairspray. (I’ve been using this hairspray for the past 2 and a half years. It is because of this product that I remotely have a presentable hair-do. I have really flat hair, i’ve tried every hair product imaginable to keep the volume in my hair and nothing except for the Shaper Megahold works for me.) But to my disappointment and for the third time in 2 months, I did not see it on the shelves. Border-line distraught and a little panic stricken I began to think they discontinued the product and my hair would have to forever look volumeless and undone. After my mini meltdown re the hair situation, I turned to the sales associate and asked her if they were ever going to re-stock the Shaper Megahold.

And then she told me… “SEBASTIAN Professional’s Shaper Megahold is no longer in the white bottles they were actually just on the shelf below in the black bottles.” As it turns out my beloved hairspray got a make over and a new name. It’s now Professional SEBASTIAN Shaper Fierce. And ofcourse all I could think of after reading the new name on the smaller black bottle was Sasha Fierce… why you ask? Probably because i’ve been scarred by Beyonce’s alter ego which has successfully ruined the word fierce for me forever.

Anyway, the moral of my story is just ask the sales associate the next time you go in there when you don’t see something because, i’m not even joking she had a “just ask” tag pinned on her shirt (I don’t know why I didn’t think to ask someone the last 2 times I was in there) and SEBASTIAN Professional Shaper Megahold lost some weight, got a make over, a new name and fooled me into thinking I was destined to bad hair for the rest of my life.

Actually it takes me back to a very thought-provoking prediction by Danielle, who suggested, “Fashion weeks have lost their relevance and will die off.” She covers many aspects to support her theory (it’s actually very interesting and I highly suggest to take a read if you have not already) which, I think highlights the importance of re-adjusting the North American fashion week format to better adapt to our changing times.

It’s a little delayed, but consider this post a follow-up discussion to her “just a thought” post back in January.

With our growing economic woes, designers and fashion powerhouses have become more cautious with their investments. Fashion week is great for getting media and industry reviews, but for the amount of money invested into showing their collections, are there realistically enough sales generated to make this a worthwhile investment? As Danielle mentioned and from the number of designers that have opted not to show this season, it’s safe to assume, probably not.

The current state of our economy is forcing brands and designers to be more creative and strategic with their spending. Which by the way is not such a bad idea. Trimming down on frivolous spending by companies encourages those who want to do or still be in business to bring out there A game. Especially the PR industry.

*Side note – Personally I think this is a great way to weed out the “so called” people who say they do PR and those who legitimately, can put together a PR plan and outside the box strategies. There is a lot of pressure on publicists who are working with designers showing this season. Sure they will be dealing with a shortage of available seating, but it’s not all about getting the who’s who’s to sit in that room, they also need to consider if there is anything happening from a PR perspective before and after the fashion show. In my opinion a good PR person will not overlook that.*

The power of the Internet and social media tools has arisen as a popular way to effectively market and promote a brand. While it is excellent that fashion companies are finally adapting to these tools, I don’t think fashion weeks will lose its relevance. Taking advantage of the Internet and social media is a great way for designers and brands to bridge the gap between the exposure from fashion week and the lack of communication and understanding to and of their consumers/possible consumers. Although this does not directly equate to more sales, creatively reaching out, listening and understanding your customers/possible customers is always a good thing!

My guess is, as the economy picks up designers will revisit the traditional means of debuting their new collections. They will continue to entertain the industry and media at the socially deemed, glitzy and glamorous event; fashion week, as well as continue to interact and engage their consumers directly using the web and other creative means.

In any case I agree with Danielle, “the value in showing at fashion weeks needs to be corrected” and I think in Canada’s case, less is more.