LG Fashion WeekToronto LG Fashion Week fashion week, Fall/Winter Collections 2009 is just around the corner taking place March 16-21st, for the third time in a row at Nathan Philips Square. For some strange reason, it doesn’t seem to excite me the same way it did these past four seasons and I don’t feel that same need to make my way down to see what our designers have to offer for the up coming season.

I’m not a fashion insider, and i’m not going to pretend that I am. But I do love fashion and really like to be immersed in it so other than receiving invites to specific shows from PR agencies who are practicing blogger relations, I am 100% considered a part of the general public. Since i’m not obliged to attend fashion shows during fashion week unlike editors and other industry professionals who are, I think the biggest reason behind my lack of motivation to trek through the crowds and the cold this season, is because of the many other sources available to me (outside of traditional media) to help me stay on the pulse of fashion and it’s trends.

I’ve attended fashion week as a volunteer working the event, a blogger, and a member of the public, all which have been different but great experiences. This season I think i’ll happily enjoy fashion week by vicariously experiencing all the festivities and shows through the coverage by the media and top-notch fashion, beauty and video bloggers to bring me what’s hot and what’s new.

For those who haven’t been and are planning on heading down, enjoy but please bear in mind proper etiquette when attending fashion shows during fashion week . What might this etiquette be you ask? Well, Gail from The Style Box came up with a witty, rather amusing, but very true list of “Ten Fashion Commandments” you may find useful.