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This is completely random but purchasing my favourite, most dependable and if not THE BEST hairspray in the world today was almost a traumatic experience.

Having had two bad hair days two really bad hair days in a row, I finally walked into Trade Secret looking to replace my SEBASTIAN Professional Shaper Megahold hairspray. (I’ve been using this hairspray for the past 2 and a half years. It is because of this product that I remotely have a presentable hair-do. I have really flat hair, i’ve tried every hair product imaginable to keep the volume in my hair and nothing except for the Shaper Megahold works for me.) But to my disappointment and for the third time in 2 months, I did not see it on the shelves. Border-line distraught and a little panic stricken I began to think they discontinued the product and my hair would have to forever look volumeless and undone. After my mini meltdown re the hair situation, I turned to the sales associate and asked her if they were ever going to re-stock the Shaper Megahold.

And then she told me… “SEBASTIAN Professional’s Shaper Megahold is no longer in the white bottles they were actually just on the shelf below in the black bottles.” As it turns out my beloved hairspray got a make over and a new name. It’s now Professional SEBASTIAN Shaper Fierce. And ofcourse all I could think of after reading the new name on the smaller black bottle was Sasha Fierce… why you ask? Probably because i’ve been scarred by Beyonce’s alter ego which has successfully ruined the word fierce for me forever.

Anyway, the moral of my story is just ask the sales associate the next time you go in there when you don’t see something because, i’m not even joking she had a “just ask” tag pinned on her shirt (I don’t know why I didn’t think to ask someone the last 2 times I was in there) and SEBASTIAN Professional Shaper Megahold lost some weight, got a make over, a new name and fooled me into thinking I was destined to bad hair for the rest of my life.

HELLO Kitty! @ MAC

How much did this image of a semi-naked man, wearing Hello Kitty‘s head, with shiny spandex tights,  just ruin your childhood image of Hello Kitty?

I’m going to assume that’s MAC‘s attempt to make Hello Kitty cute and sexy?

There were tons and tons and TONS of people lining up outside to get into this exclusive shopping event and even more people rammed, beyond capacity i’m sure, inside the store to see and purchase the new line. I’m not even kidding, it was packed like sardines in there. The overcrowdedness was killer to my shopping mood and impossible does not even begin to describe getting in arms reach to see or try the new product.

As many people as I saw buying the Hello Kitty MAC makeup, I think the poor organization and the small amount of space in the store, put a damper to the possible amount of sales. I can’t say I would attend another one of these MAC events because i’d rather shop in less crowded conditions and be able to comfortably see and try the product. Although, the originality of the Hello Kitty man did make for a great photo op and they did keep everyone hydrated in the overly warm conditions with unlimited cocktails.

Check out the pictures of the Hello Kitty frenzy!

I have a confession to make. I totally left work early yesterday and went to Sephora, spent $50 and brought myself the SMASHBOX Foundation Primer. I know, with the financial state i’m in right now, which is a TAD bit of debt (not due to shopping believe it or not) but the whole investing my time into my future career thing, spending $50 on a small bottle of foundation primer is absurd.

But seriously, it is the best thing ever!

My sister was the one who introduced it to me, her logic being, “that is your face, and you will have your face for the rest of your life, so why not pay for one more product that will help you take care of it?”, and so I did.

Because the skin on my face is more on the oily side, I find my makeup (foundation, bronzer and blush) always ends up seeping into my skin. The foundation primer (has vitamin A and E), acts as a coat between your make up and your skin. Not to mention it also makes your skin super soft. I definitely noticed an immediate difference, my skin is not as oily and there is much more make up to wash off at the end of the day.

For $50 (well spent i’d say), SMASHBOX has temporarly saved my face… until it runs out.