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I have a confession to make. I totally left work early yesterday and went to Sephora, spent $50 and brought myself the SMASHBOX Foundation Primer. I know, with the financial state i’m in right now, which is a TAD bit of debt (not due to shopping believe it or not) but the whole investing my time into my future career thing, spending $50 on a small bottle of foundation primer is absurd.

But seriously, it is the best thing ever!

My sister was the one who introduced it to me, her logic being, “that is your face, and you will have your face for the rest of your life, so why not pay for one more product that will help you take care of it?”, and so I did.

Because the skin on my face is more on the oily side, I find my makeup (foundation, bronzer and blush) always ends up seeping into my skin. The foundation primer (has vitamin A and E), acts as a coat between your make up and your skin. Not to mention it also makes your skin super soft. I definitely noticed an immediate difference, my skin is not as oily and there is much more make up to wash off at the end of the day.

For $50 (well spent i’d say), SMASHBOX has temporarly saved my face… until it runs out.

This one is real and yes, this is true, the un-heard of from me…

I border-line do not feel like going.

I’m so tired and mentally exhausted from typing away and writing band biographies at work all day, that going to see my friend’s fashion show (he designs a really hip, street stylish line called Chinedesign) feels like it’s going to take alot of effort.

It’s 4:56 p.m. and I am loitering around work till 6pm because that’s when I’m supposed to meet up with my girlfriend JB and to finish writing the bios (which have to go in the media kit that will be going out next week). JB is my stylist/fashionista/just a ton of fun to be around girlie, whom I met and actually got along with in my post-grad Corporate Communications Program. Got along with is probably the wrong phrase… more like considered a friend. By that I mean we hung out outside of the program.

And now I am tempted to abandon the staying late at work idea altogether and just head over to Sephora to buy that SMASHBOX foundation primer for $44 …. oh the dilemmas!