HELLO Kitty! @ MAC

How much did this image of a semi-naked man, wearing Hello Kitty‘s head, with shiny spandex tights,  just ruin your childhood image of Hello Kitty?

I’m going to assume that’s MAC‘s attempt to make Hello Kitty cute and sexy?

There were tons and tons and TONS of people lining up outside to get into this exclusive shopping event and even more people rammed, beyond capacity i’m sure, inside the store to see and purchase the new line. I’m not even kidding, it was packed like sardines in there. The overcrowdedness was killer to my shopping mood and impossible does not even begin to describe getting in arms reach to see or try the new product.

As many people as I saw buying the Hello Kitty MAC makeup, I think the poor organization and the small amount of space in the store, put a damper to the possible amount of sales. I can’t say I would attend another one of these MAC events because i’d rather shop in less crowded conditions and be able to comfortably see and try the product. Although, the originality of the Hello Kitty man did make for a great photo op and they did keep everyone hydrated in the overly warm conditions with unlimited cocktails.

Check out the pictures of the Hello Kitty frenzy!