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Coach Dog CollarMo

So I think i’m being a little ridiculous, but just a little…

I really want to buy this Coach dog collar, that is $78, for Mo (please excuse his unflattering, green eyes from the flash of the camera). I think it’s time he gets a new collar, you know spice things up a bit. He wears a plain, boring silver chain and when I was shopping online on the Coach website today, I found this bubble gum pink collar that I thought would totally bring out his personality. 

Ok, so it may have been more of the fact that I thought his beautiful curly gray and white coat would go really well with something pink. And it just so happened to be a Coach dog collar. 

Le sigh – the shopaholic in me is looking for the common sense in me to agree to this absurd purchase.


This is my dog Mo (short for Mocha), he is the absolute cutest, most adorable Shitzu Poodle you will ever meet. Minus the fact that at the age of one, he still cannot comprehend the concept of using the bathroom outside and sporadically likes to do a number two in the house, even though I let him out five times a day and tell him “good boy poo-poo!”

The weather is quickly becoming extremely chilly and the pupster is in need of some clothes. I’m thinking about picking up a tracksuit for him from FouFou Designer Doggie Wear, along with a cute bow tie for the holiday season. 

He’s got to look fashionably put together for the guests and all the parties!