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Courtesy of Valentino and Hermes

I love it all, from head to toe! Minus the black cowboy hat ofcourse.

JB can testify to that… 

We were shopping on Friday before the fashion show, in hopes to find me a winter hat and all she kept saying hat after hat was “I’m determined to find one that looks good on you!” Only by the end of our shopping attempt her words of stylist wisdom were, “Melissa, a hat for you? Not so much…”

So it’s confirmed, clearly I don’t do hats!

This one is real and yes, this is true, the un-heard of from me…

I border-line do not feel like going.

I’m so tired and mentally exhausted from typing away and writing band biographies at work all day, that going to see my friend’s fashion show (he designs a really hip, street stylish line called Chinedesign) feels like it’s going to take alot of effort.

It’s 4:56 p.m. and I am loitering around work till 6pm because that’s when I’m supposed to meet up with my girlfriend JB and to finish writing the bios (which have to go in the media kit that will be going out next week). JB is my stylist/fashionista/just a ton of fun to be around girlie, whom I met and actually got along with in my post-grad Corporate Communications Program. Got along with is probably the wrong phrase… more like considered a friend. By that I mean we hung out outside of the program.

And now I am tempted to abandon the staying late at work idea altogether and just head over to Sephora to buy that SMASHBOX foundation primer for $44 …. oh the dilemmas!


Well kind of sorta; not really.

But how I wish…

It was ONLINE, but in my defence they would have showed at Paris Fashion Week because they do every year, they just opted not to this year.

But you are still invited…

What! VIKTOR & ROLF presents their Spring 09 collection
Where! The House of VIKTOR & ROLF
When! all day October 2nd, 2008

Basically the two decided to debut their Spring 09 collection online on their website, inviting the fashion publics at its entirety to their show.

Brilliant idea i’d say. Great outside the box thinking from their PR person, why not embrace new media?

And NO, don’t be silly — this is not the death of fashion as we know it, it is making use of other mediums available to creatively reach their audiences.