savery2_crop kanye-and-lv

Kanye West had recently openly expressed that he wanted to put his music career on hold to intern for Louis Vuitton or Raf Simons.




Was my initial response, but then I realized that he is quite the devotee to fashion so that does not really come as a huge surprise. Versus when I heard last year, that Sean Avery (NHL player of the Dallas Stars), wanted and went on to intern for Men’s VOGUE, I almost fell of my chair.

Compared to many actors/singers/celebs who are self-proclaimed fashion designers, I think it’s a positive and very respectable thing for Kanye to do. He is humbling himself for once by expressing interest in learning from one of the most successful and leading luxury retailers to date, and not to be just, in his own words, a “celebrity designer.”


First Sean now Kanye, is this becoming a trend? Celebrities who want to do “internships”?


From an organization’s point of view, they really have nothing to loose. Sure these guys wouldn’t know a thing about what they are doing but they are celebrities. Companies will not technically pay them, but I’m sure they will get special “intern” treatment. (E.g. Sean got to attend a Couture fashion show in Paris, he got to guest write and edit etc.) and if Kanye ends up interning for LV, they’d probably do the same and give him tons of free product.


Bottom line is why not? These celebrities are almost knocking on the doors of these organizations to be free spokes people. Not to mention the tons of publicity both the celeb and company will get. Win-win, the celeb gets their “learning experience” and the company gets effortless press.


Le *sigh*, the perks of being a celeb… at the end of the day it really is what YOU can do for the company. This is the epitome of just that!


In my opinion, there is no such thing as celebrities doing internships… it’s just them getting what they want and companies having nothing to loose but gain from the opportunity. Yes they will be learning, but it’s things that you and I will never learn or do as an intern.